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The Knight Technique™

Members Studio

A fitness workout reimagined to powerfully benefit you inside and out.

The Knight Technique is a modern age spin on the traditional Pilates and barre workouts that transform your body. The workout consists of a wide range of high-intensity, low-impact, cardio movements that result in a toned healthy body. Use your own body weight, light weights, barre-based props, and Pilates accessories to lengthen, strengthen, and sculpt every square inch of your body.

The Knight Technique is one of the first hybrid workouts that truly unite the Pilates and barre modalities. Peppered with elements of dance, cardio, strength, and mobility training TKT will keep your body conditioned and working well.

An all-around workout devoted to effective, purposeful movement with Pilates principles at the focal point of every class.

Come for the sweaty burn
and finish with a giant smile!

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The Knight Technique Subscription
Unlimited access to 52+ workouts
Workouts from 2-60 minutes
$15.00 per month

Side Body

Slim your sides and outer thighs with this dynamite
15-minute workout.

Front Body

Narrow your waist and chisel your arms with this powerful
25-minute workout.

Back Body

Firm the entire backside of your body with this fresh
30-minute workout.

All in One

All Sides of the Body in one powerful and defining
60-minute workout.

Challenge Courses

Plug-and-play 5 courses designed
to tone each area of the body.
Workouts run 15-60 minutes a day
for 10-14 days.

Mini Sequences

32 unique targeted-body
strengthening exercises you can
add onto any workout or
complete all 32 moves
inside 2 full-body workout videos.

Uncut Workouts

16 Full-body 30-60 minute videos showcasing
creative Pilates + barre workouts.

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The Knight Technique Stories

About Shelly

Working through the process of balancing a healthy family life and my own creativity and career drive – I created The Knight Technique. I would love to share it with you.

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Why Pilates?

Why Pilates?

Creates a balanced body and clear mindset through a core postural muscle workout.
Why Springs?

Why Springs?

Provide a continuous force to enhance muscle memory and give you A-lister arms!
Why Barre?

Why Barre?

Strengthens the lower body and abs with a splash of flexibility training.

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