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The Knight Technique™

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I redefined the traditional Pilates and barre class with a modern spin on the workouts that transforms your body. Every workout consists of a wide range of high-intensity low impact movements that result in big changes. I will keep you motivated, challenged, and connected to your body and your mind. These workouts use your own body weight, light to medium hand weights and barre-based props and accessories to assist in lengthening, strengthening, and sculpting every square inch of your body. Giving you an all-around amazing workout, better posture, healthier outlook on fitness, and a beautiful functioning flexible body.

Come for the sweaty burn
and finish with a giant smile!

What you get

in The Knight Technique Custom Streaming Subscription 
for $12.99/month (limited time offer)

Side Body

Slim your sides and outer thighs with this dynamite workout.

Front Side Body

Narrow your waist and chisel your arms with this powerful workout.

Back Side Body

Firm the entire backside of your body with this fresh workout.

Mini Sequences

A growing library of 19 targeted, body strengthening moves.

TKT Uncut

TKT Uncut

I'm inviting you behind the scenes to workout with me while I create TKT. 

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The Knight Technique Stories

About Shelly

Working through the process of balancing a healthy family life and my own creativity and career drive – I created The Knight Technique. I would love to share it with you.

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Why Pilates?

Why Pilates?

Creates a balanced body and clear mindset through a core postural muscle workout.
Why Springs?

Why Springs?

Provide a continuous force to enhance muscle memory and give you A-lister arms!
Why Barre?

Why Barre?

Strengthens the lower body and abs with a splash of flexibility training.

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