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The Knight Technique™

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I redefined the traditional Pilates and barre class with a modern spin on the workouts that transforms your body. Every workout consists of a wide range of high-intensity low impact movements that result in big changes. I will keep you motivated, challenged, and connected to your body and your mind. These workouts use your own body weight, light to medium hand weights and barre-based props and accessories to assist in lengthening, strengthening, and sculpting every square inch of your body. Giving you an all-around amazing workout, better posture, healthier outlook on fitness, and a beautiful functioning flexible body.

Come for the sweaty burn
and finish with a giant smile!

What you get

The Knight Technique Custom Streaming Subscription
43+ workout videos $12.99/month (limited time offer)

Side Body

Slim your sides and outer thighs with this dynamite 15-minute workout.

Front Body

Narrow your waist and chisel your arms with this powerful 25-minute workout.

Back Body

Firm the entire backside of your body with this fresh 30-minute workout.

All in One

All Sides of the Body in one powerful and defining 60-minute workout.

Mini Sequences

21 targeted-body strengthening moves
and full-body workout videos.

Uncut Workouts

18 workout videos, unedited.
Come workout with me while I create TKT.

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The Knight Technique Stories

About Shelly

Working through the process of balancing a healthy family life and my own creativity and career drive – I created The Knight Technique. I would love to share it with you.

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Why Pilates?

Why Pilates?

Creates a balanced body and clear mindset through a core postural muscle workout.
Why Springs?

Why Springs?

Provide a continuous force to enhance muscle memory and give you A-lister arms!
Why Barre?

Why Barre?

Strengthens the lower body and abs with a splash of flexibility training.

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