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Why The Knight Technique™

Each session delivers uniquely designed body contouring sequences, pulling from the best of barre and Pilates. It’s designed with a heartbeat. There are no two classes alike. Think barre’s elegant, sophisticated hip sister! The technique will sculpt your legs, strengthen your core and define your arms- sans barre at times. The results will leave you craving more.

Looking great is only one benefit of The Knight Technique, my class will give you a pure sense of community. I personally take great pride in knowing all of my clients. While I loved seeing my clients’ bodies (and lives) transform through these classes, I’ve always envisioned something different. So, I created a new low impact, cardio series that gets your heart pumping to a sexy beat and gives you a feminine, graceful, and strong body. By infusing my creativity into the barre and Pilates modalities, I created The Knight Technique. It’s one of a kind. It will rattle your muscles and uncover your vibrant self.

How can you experience The Knight Technique?

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The Knight Technique Custom Workout Subscription: $34.99/month

Carve an attractive, feminine figure with this all-access TKT subscription.

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What's included...

Side Body

Slim your sides and outer thighs with this dynamite 15 minute workout

Front Side Body

Narrow your waistline and chisel your arms with this powerful 25 minute workout

Back Side Body

Firm the entire backside of your body with this fresh 27 minute workout

11 Mini Sequences

Customize your workout with a growing library of targeted, body strengthening moves (2 - 6 minutes each).

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About Shelly

Working through the process of balancing a healthy family life and my own creativity and career drive – I created The Knight Technique. I would love to share it with you.

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Why Pilates?

Why Pilates?

Creates a balanced body and clear mindset through a core postural muscle workout.
Why Springs?

Why Springs?

Provide a continuous force to enhance muscle memory and give you A-lister arms!
Why Barre?

Why Barre?

Strengthens the lower body and abs with a splash of flexibility training.

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